Best Xbox Series X Rechargeable Battery Pack For Controller

Xbox Controllers are one of the best controllers ever made. This time around, for Xbox Series X controller, has hardly been changed and still the best. As we know, Xbox controllers do not come with any battery; you would need AA batteries to play games wirelessly.

But instead of using traditional AA Batteries, you could replace them with Xbox Series X Rechargeable Battery Pack. This will not only help you save money but also save the environment by reducing E-Waste.

The newer Xbox Series X Controller has a slight upgrade as there is USB C rather than last-gen Micro-USB. But most of the Xbox One accessories will work on Xbox Series X & Xbox Series S. There is no difference between Series X & S controller – just the colors.

Xbox Series X controller battery life is about 40-Hours.

xbox controller batteries

A rechargeable battery comes in very handy when you don’t want your controller to die in the midst of gameplay. Most of the rechargeable batteries come in pairs – you can use one pair in your controller while you charge the other. Few of these rechargeable Xbox batteries can be charged while being connected to the Xbox (Wired).

So, let’s have a look at the rechargeable battery pack that you can use for your Xbox Series X –


Best Xbox Series X Rechargeable Battery Pack

Xbox battery

There are several battery packs available today in the market. If you already have a battery pack from your last Xbox One console, you can also use it with your newer Series console. If you are getting these batteries as replacements, you would be getting about 20-30 hours of gameplay per charge.

Most of the time, you would be spending between $20-$50; spending anything upwards is a total waste of money.

Many of the people buying Xbox Series X are already looking for rechargeable battery packs, and we have analyzed many products that you can choose from –

1. Beboncool Controller Battery Pack for Xbox Series X

Beboncool Battery Pack for Xbox Series X

Beboncool is the primary choice that comes to mind when asked which is the best rechargeable battery for the Xbox Series X controller. There are several products currently sold by Beboncool, but rechargeable batteries are one of them.

They have been selling charging stations, controllers, clickers, etc.

This particular battery pack comes in three pairs where two pairs of batteries can be charged simultaneously. These batteries are of 2550 mAH and give about 25 hours of gameplay.

As there are three battery packs, you can use one in your controller and charge the other two. The battery pack comes with an adapter that is used for charging.

The charging adapter can charge the batteries via three modes – Micro USB, USB C & Plug-in to an electric socket directly. But, you won’t be able to charge the batteries via the USB C cable attached to the controller.

There is also a rechargeable battery pack of two pairs, but we advise you to get the three pairs as you might have an extra controller. The charger is fast-charge compatible, and the full charge is completed within 2.5 hrs. When set for charging, you can also check the charging status via the charger’s LED indicator.

If you are out of charge and the charge has not yet been completed, the LED will turn red. If the charge has been completed, it will turn green.

The batteries are really efficient as they can hold the same amount of charge even after 2000+ charge cycles. There is also overcharge protection, so you don’t have to worry about overnight charging.


  • 2550 mAH of Battery
  • 3 Pairs Included
  • Overcharging Protection
  • 25+ hours of gameplay
  • 3 modes of charging
  • Fast Cahrging Support


  • Cannot Charge When Batteries In a controller via USB C

2. Controller Battery Pack for Xbox Series X 

batterypack for xbox series x

This one is also manufactured by Beboncool but comes with two battery packs instead of three. But there are minor improvements that would interest you in buying.

These particular battery packs have a slightly higher battery capacity of 2600 mAH, which would last a little longer than the previous one. The batteries are really well built and good looking, the charger has a very cool LED indicator.

The charger has USB C and can be connected to any USB adapter. So, there are not a lot of ways you can charge your batteries. The provided charger is a fast charger with a charging time of 2.5 Hrs.

The company claims to be giving 20+ hrs of gameplay on a single charge for Xbox controllers. Overcharge, short circuit & voltage protection provides good battery health. Beboncool claims that the battery remains in excellent condition even after 2000+ charging cycles.

These rechargeable batteries for Xbox Series X are of a unique size that easily slides into the controller, and the design makes it much easier to remove.


  • Fast Charging – 2.5 Hrs
  • Unique Design
  • Slow Performance Degradation
  • 20+ Hrs of Gameplay
  • LED Charge Indicator
  • Over Charge Protection
  • 2600 mAH Batteries


  • Only One Mode of charging
  • Does Not Support Charging When In Controller

3. Xbox One Play and Charge Kit

Xbox One Play and Charge Kit

Xbox One Play & Charge is the official rechargeable battery kit by Microsoft. It was previously used in all Xbox One consoles and should also be compatible with all Xbox Series consoles.

There is no major difference in the controllers, making it work with the Series X controller. The only downgrade is that the Charge Kit comes with Micro USB for charging rather than USB C. The newer consoles use USB C rather than Micro USB.

But this won’t be any problem, as you would already have the USB C that you received with your Xbox Series X.

Talking about the batteries is 1400 mAH, which is lower than what other third-party manufacturers provide. It takes about 4Hrs to charge the batteries via the controller fully. There is overcharge protection on the batteries, so you need not worry about rest mode charging overnight.

Automatic shutoff helps to save the charge and cutting the power source when not in use. Xbox One Play & Charge Kit for Xbox Series X claims 30 hrs of gameplay, but we would say about 20 hrs.

You can go with this official battery pack only if you want those to be manufactured by Microsoft.


  • 1400 mAH
  • Official Battery Pack
  • 4 Hrs of charge Time
  • Good Build Quality


  • Micro USB Included Instead of USB C
  • No external Charger

Which Rechargeable Battery Pack For Xbox Series X Should You Buy?

We guess any third-party battery pack like Beboncool is sufficient. They are really well built and can sustain everyday gameplay. Not only that, but the battery power is more than what the official Xbox kit provides.

You can buy the one which comes with three pairs. These are really helpful when you have more than one controller.

If you are looking for an official battery pack, you should go with none other than Xbox One Play & Charge Kit.


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