Top 8 SNES RPGs To Play In 2021

RPG Games have been around for a while now, and it one of the most widely known and loved genres of video games. This is the genre of gaming where you are often given a character or can say the role of a character, and you have to play the game as that character and dive into the story of these games. These are immersive games and often are relaxing since they don’t usually have a competitive aspect and are meant only to entertain.

RPG games started back in the 1970s with text-based games on PDP-10 and Unix-based computer systems where titles such as Dungeon and dnd were the only big ones back then. With time, RPGs started taking control and were gaining popularity in the video game market with games such as Ultima and Wizardry.

Then entered Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) and took the world by storm in the 1990s. SNES consoles introduced a new way of playing video games, with its vibrant graphics and extreme sound and music.

8 Best SNES RPGs Of All Time

SNES introduced an extensive range of RPGs and made the genre one of the gaming mainframes. It’s time for us to take a trip back memory lane and recall some of the best SNES RPGs ever created.

So let’s gave a look at the list of SNES RPG games –

1. Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger

One of the most famous SNES titles, Chrono trigger, was a fairly unique entry to the RPG genre and had new-ish gameplay. The designs were off the charts and are still praised even to this date. This game was a pure entertainment ride that can be played even today if you are up for some fun times.

Chrono Trigger involves a little bit of time traveling in its plot, and all you basically have to do in this game is to travel and kill monsters in epic battles. With its fighting system take on an approach new to that time, “Active-Time-Battle,” similar to those of final fantasy games. You get the ability to perform special moves that are extremely powerful and called tech in the game. Use your tech with some combos for maximum damage.

You get the choice to either fight the next opponent or pass as you will be able to the enemy before the fight starts.

It was a design masterpiece with stunning graphics, which is enjoyable at all times and should be played by all top RPG lovers.

2. Secret of Mana

Secret of Mana

Once again, a hit by the developers of Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana is an all-time classical RPG offering a great and immersive storyline that shows the thin line between good and evil where you can be on any side depending upon the situation you are in.

Secret of Mana is a fun and enjoyable game with a fun combat system. You are in charge of killing monsters with a wide variety of weapons that can include anything from a sword to a spear. It also has a strategic side to the fighting since after every hit, your weapon needs some time to charge to hit again to inflict the maximum damage.

This game’s campaign mode is extremely long but equally enjoyable, so you won’t be getting bored at any point playing it.

3. Final Fantasy 3

Final Fantasy 3

Final Fantasy 3 is one of the most epic RPGs with a story like no other that can capture its emotional narrative.

The story is very similar to some modern RPG where there is an evil boss who wants to destroy everything and gain as much power it can. Conquering anything in its path. Simultaneously, the protagonist got a mystical embodiment behind him that convinces him to take upon himself to defeat the evil boss.

This game offers you the ability to switch characters with different powers and abilities and openly come up with your mix for a party. Through several side quests and engaging storylines, this is an RPG you do not want to miss.

4. Final Fantasy 2

Final Fantasy 2

Basically Final Fantasy 4 but was named Final Fantasy 2 for American gamers. Again, it is a classical final fantasy game with immersive graphics, great sound, and music with amazing characters that will become your own in no time.

You play as a Dark Knight, Cecil, who has been thrown out of his position from the airship force because he has a problem with the king’s order of killing innocent people. You will eventually go on a journey of self-discovery and will end up fighting to save the world. With many interesting side characters such as Kain and Rosa, the story is for sure to get you hooked.

It boasts over 20+ hours of gameplay and will give you entertainment in every minute of those 20+ hours.

5. Lufia 2

Lufia 2

It is one of the underrated RPGs on SNES, but we mention it cause it was surely of the best RPGs. Lufia 2 includes an engaging storyline with a stellar soundtrack with its superior combat system that will surely put you up in a good mood.

Like many RPGs, Lufia 2 offers combat and exploration but with one added thing: some real brain-twisting puzzles that will add to the entertainment this game offers.

You also get to use a capsule to spawn monsters. There are 7 of these capsules across the map, and once you acquire them, the monsters will slowly evolve and, on their ultimate form, will be your allies in your combats.

6. Secret of Evermore

Secret of Evermore

Secret of Evermore is a sequel to the game Secret of Mana developed by American Developers. The game turned out to be pretty okay-ish, but with some added uniqueness and surprises of its own, it is an entertaining experience.

Secret of Evermore offers a similar gaming experience as to Secret of Mana with improved mechanics and other aspects of the game. It also has a similar recharge of the weapon system, giving it a strategic feel.

This game offered the creation of magic potions by combining several ingredients. There are tons of possible combinations and potions to be made in this game and utilized.

7. The illusion of Gala

The illusion of Gala

The illusion of Gala is a classic entry to the list that almost every SNES JRPG fan love. The story is similar to almost all other best RPGs, where a young and underdog hero goes on a mission to save the world.

You are the son of an explorer who gave you a magical flute that allows you to open portals to communicate with Gaia, The Earth Spirit. The spirit sends the protagonist on a journey to collect some artificial elements that would be used to save the world.

This is definitely a challenging game but an entertaining one. It also offers several real-world locations, such as The Great Wall of China and Angkor Wat.

8. Breathe of Fire 2

Breathe of Fire 2

Breathe of Fire 2 is a story-driven RPG game that offers an engaging and entertaining story. The game is fairly difficult, with enemies sometimes being overpowered that can kill you faster than you realize.

The gameplay can be a bit confusing. Sometimes when I was playing the game, I had to turn up the browser to see what I have to do next in the game because the game dialogues were not as clear and cause a little hiccup sometimes.

Though little problems are there, the game still remains a solid RPG entry in the SNES RPGs scene.


SNES console got more number RPG title than I can mention in almost any of article. Still, I tried to include the one that you can enjoy today if you want. RPGs always have been an important genre of gaming, and SNES RPGs were no different.

I hope the list brought back some of your memories of playing some of the names mentioned in the list, and you may even want to pay a little revisit to some of these on a lazy weekend day.

If you want to add anything to the conversation or have any suggestions for us, feel free to comment, and we will be more than happy to connect with you.


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