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Best Way To Stream Switch To Switch

There are several games on Nintendo Switch that you like to stream online. Games like Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild, Animal Crossing, Super Smash Bros. & several others. But how to stream Nintendo switch on twitch?

Well, there are several ways you can start a live stream from your Nintendo Switch. Other gaming consoles such as Playstation & Xbox can directly start streaming from their console, as Youtube & Twitch are integrated into the system. But, you cannot directly start streaming from your Switch on Twitch.

Today I’m going to show you two ways you can start streaming on Twitch from your Nintendo Switch –

  1. Directly Stream From Nintendo Switch Via PC.
  2. Stream Nintendo Switch Without Capture Card.

How To Stream Switch On Twitch

As there involves no direct create or share buttons that would connect you to Twitch or Youtube, you require a capture card. Capture Card helps you to set up Nintendo Switch streaming in high resolution and low latency.
Capture cards don’t only help you to stream but also to capture and save your gameplay.

Several capture cards are compatible with Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch does the max output of 1080p @ 60 fps resolution, so you won’t have to spend more on buying a 4k capture card.

Usually, there are two types of capture cars – Internal & External Capture Card. But we recommend external capture cards for Nintendo Switch as they are handy and easier to use.

I recommend  Elgato Game Capture HD60 S.

You can check out our guide on the best capture card for Nintendo Switch.

#1 Step: Insert Nintendo Switch In The Dock

Nintendo switch Dock

The first step towards streaming would be to insert your Nintendo Switch in the Dock. This way, you can connect HDMI that will help you to capture and stream your gameplay.

You cannot directly start streaming from your switch without the dock. So, it’s fair to say that you won’t be able to live stream while the switch is in handheld mode. This being one of the first and important steps, Nintendo Switch Lite cannot do live stream as it does not come with a dock.

#2 Step: Connect HDMI To Dock & Capture Card

The next step involves connecting your Switch Dock & Capture Card with HDMI. Earlier, the HDMI from Dock would connect to the TV or monitor. But, now, you would connect to a capture card so that you can live stream on Twitch, Youtube, or Facebook.

Capture card will transfer the video feed to PC so you can stream, but that’s the next step.

#3 Step: Connect HDMI From Capture Card To TV/Monitor

Now that you have a connection from Nintendo Switch to Capture Card, you now have to connect another HDMI cable from the capture card to the Monitor or TV.

This way, you can look at the gameplay. Initially, you would directly connect the HDMI to the TV, but now it will go through the capture card. No worries, capture cards are specified to have low latency, which would help you play games without input lags.

#4 Step: Connect Capture Card To PC/Laptop

Now you need to connect the capture card to your PC/Laptop so that you can start streaming on Twitch. By connecting your capture card, you will save the current gameplay or stream the same gameplay online.

If you have the Elgato Capture Card, connect the USB C to the card and the other end, USB 3.0, to the PC.

This will now further enable you to stream via OBS & Game Capture Software.

#5 Step: Open OBS & Game Capture Software

Every professional streamer uses OBS to stream on Twitch, Youtube, or Facebook. OBS helps you to control your stream and also makes it easier to capture the gameplay.

OBS or Open Broadcaster Software is the open-source software that you can download from here. Supports Windows, Linux & Mac OS. But, if you don’t want to use OBS, you can use the capture card’s software. For, e.g., Elgato capture cards come with Elgato Game Capture Software, which works fine & it’s easier to use.

Have a look at this video –

#6 Step: Start Streaming Your Nintendo Switch on Twitch

Now that you have set up your Switch for streaming on Twitch, here is how you can start it –

  1. Open OBS.
  2. Check that you have connected your Nintendo Switch & it is displayed fine on the game capture software.
  3. Select Setting -> Stream
  4. Select service to stream.
  5. Connect Your Twitch account to OBS.
  6. You need to put in the Twitch Stream Key. You can get that by following the instruction on the screen,
  7. Select the game capture device
  8. Strat streaming Nintendo switch on twitch.

How To Stream Nintendo Switch Without Capture Card

There are not many ways you can start streaming from your Nintendo Switch without a capture card. But, there is one particular way that you can use to stream your Switch without a capture card.

First of all, Nintendo Switch does not directly stream from the device nor capture the full gameplay. The most it can do is save gameplay that only is about 2 mins.

This particular way of streaming Switch without a capture card involves the use of Xbox. If you have an Xbox One around, you can use it to live-stream your Switch on Twitch. Many users who already have Xbox One have no reason.

#1 Step: Connect HDMI Cables To Switch & Xbox One

Unlike any other gaming consoles, Xbox One has two HDMI ports – HDMI IN & HDMI OUT. This makes it easier to connect and stream from your Nintendo switch

So, obviously, you insert the Switch into the Dock and connect the HDMI cable to the HDMI IN port of Xbox One. And the other HDMI cable from HDMI out to your Monitor or TV.

xbox one HDMI ports

#2 Step: Start Open Guide On Xbox

Now all you have to do is start Open Guide on Xbox One. When opened, you would already be seeing a Nintendo Switch screen, and you are already set to start live streaming.

By connecting the Switch to Xbox and watching it on the attached screen barely has any input lag. You would not notice any frame drops, etc.

#3 Step: Connect Xbox One to PC With Xbox App

Now that you have set up your Nintendo and Xbox, you will need a PC running Windows 10. Now all you have to do is download and open Xbox app. This way, you would be connected to your Xbox One.

But to connect to your Xbox One, you would have to be on the same network; you can either connect via the same wifi or LAN cable. LAN cable might help to have faster and low latency signals, but wifi could also work.

This would be easily done and does not require any stronger network connection as Nintendo Switch only outputs 1080p.

#4 Step: Configure OBS To Start Streaming

Now that you have configured Xbox and PC. You would notice your Nintendo Switch game screen on your PC. Now all you require is OBS, which is a streaming software.

Configure Open Broadcaster Software and select Xbox App.

Now that you are connected to OBS, you can add your mic, camera, and many other elements as you can do with OBS.

This is one of the on how to stream switch without a capture card.


Streaming with the help of a capture card is easier and also helps to save the gameplay. But, if you are looking to stream without the capture card, you would require Xbox One.

But totally depends upon you, how you would like to stream from your Switch.

Let me know which of the method you are looking to stream.


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