Top 10 Sega Genesis RPG Games To Play In 2021

RPGs started gaining traction in the 80s and 90s when in back games like Dungeons and Dragons were the closest to the best RPGs people have ever experienced. 

But with the release of consoles like SNES and Sega Genesis, we get what we call the golden days of RPGs. With their 16-bit graphics and vibrant color palettes, people were now able to role-play characters on their TV screens and feel the essence of RPGs better.

With SNES being the more popular one in the RPG genre and mostly overshadowing Sega Genesis, people don’t realize that Sega Genesis also had some tremendous role-playing titles. 

That’s what we are going to take a look at today, to recall some of the best Sega Genesis RPGs.

Best Sega Genesis RPG Games

There are several RPG games to choose from. SNES generation of RPG was one of the transforming era for how we will look at the RPG games in the coming future.

But, today we have taken a look at the 10 best sega genesis RPG games that you can play today.

1. Landstalker


If you want to feel what it was like to play a highly immersive and well-made 16-bit era game, you should look nowhere but at Landstalker. It is one of the greatest action-RPGs made for Sega Genesis Console. If you want to go back in time and relive, I suggest you very well go for it as you won’t regret the decision.

An elvish treasure hunter named Nigel goes on a journey to find the treasure of a legendary king, Nole. In his journey, he reaches Mercator village and finds himself fighting with Duke Mercator for the treasure as he is also in search of it. Throughout his journey, Nigel has to fight his way through the island and save the island’s immigrants in the process.

2. Wonder Boy In Monster World

Wonder Boy In Monster World

This one is fun to play RPG. Wonder Boy in Monster World is an adventure-action RPG with many elements to it while being only in 2D. This one is a charm if you are up for some fun times.

Good old monsters invasive the planet, and now everyone in town is in fear. You play as the Wonder Boy, who is the only one who has the potential to fight and win with these deadly monsters. You fight using various abilities, and the will of Wonder Boy will decide the fate of the town now.

3. Pirates! Gold

Pirates! Gold

A pure classic of a ship game that includes all the elements that will make you want to play it, ships, swords, battles, and you get to locate and find the treasure will make it more intriguing to players.

You play as the Captain Privateer who is in charge of a crew of buccaneers who will all sail in the open seas of the 17th Century. You will explore your ways to new harbors with your crew and risk your life on the way. You will fight many other captains to claim supremacy and make alliances to win big fights and hunt for treasures. There are some rescue missions too. All of this combined makes the perfect Ship-based action-adventure RPG.

4. Shadowrun


Saving the world in a magical environment with lots of fantasy elements is what can summarize Shadowrun into. The action parts of the game are excellent and highly immersive, with lots and lots of areas to explore so you can be left in the game for a long time without getting bored.

Shadowrun is a futuristic game that has excellent background music and better sounds for every action you perform.

The game takes place in the year 2050, and the world is now run by megacorps who have information on everyone on the planet. But, wait. They got no information on you or your allies, who are known as shadowrunners in town. You will uncover the newly magical world of futuristic Seattle in the motive to discover the secret plan that can destroy the world. You get to perform many things in this Sega Genesis RPG game, such as alliancing with magical mages and running across the city as shadowrunner to pull heists and save people from the evil of corps.

5. Beyond Oasis

Beyond Oasis

Made only for Sega Genesis consoles, Beyond Oasis is an action-adventure RPG game. It is a gem of the game for everyone who never owned a Sega Genesis, or you could have been a Nintendo Gamer, but no need to worry as you can and should still try this one out.

Beyond Oasis is one of the vibrant-looking RPGs you could play on Sega Genesis. Released in 1994, it still brings back childhood memories. It has well-written dialogues, which makes the story much engaging.

You play as the Prince Ali of Oasis, who is in a fight against great evil and must gather four Wild Spirits that can only stop the resurrection of an Evil and Powerful Sorcerer to save the world. This game introduced Sega’s first hidden special moves for Ali, along with his mighty weapon, kicks, and punches that he uses to fight the Agito’s minions.

6. Shining Force 2

Shining Force 2

Shining Force 2 is a unique masterpiece in the RPG genre for the console. Being one of the favorites of office games and a Mega Drive game is considered one of the greatest.

When a notorious thief is touching the Stone of Light and Dark, all the evil it has stored for Ages is unleashed. One of the most deadly folks, Zeon, is now free and will capture the whole world in darkness and the only one who can now save the world is the Shining Force. With beautiful cinematics and soundtracks, this one is a sure go-to play if you want some serious action RPG in your life.

7. Phantasy Star IV

Phantasy Star IV

This is truly the greatest of all time entry in the list and holds an exceptional place in all RPG gamers even today. This was a Genesis only title and will always remain a great one on that list. The game sometimes shifts to turn-based RPG, which gives good addition to make certain upgrades to all the characters.

You can choose to upgrade HP, Skills, etc., of all the playable characters.

This is the Phantasy Star Saga’s finale and is packed with magic and monsters that are just truly amazing to play against. You play as a young hunter who is not destined to save his world, Motavia’s, and become its greatest warrior who will fight and finish all the evil from his plant.

8. Crusader of Centy

Crusader of Centy

Centy was very similar to a top-rated game called Zelda, which was very fun to play. Though Genesis owners never experienced Zelda, they got Crusader of Centy in its place, which was arguably equally as fun.

It is a story of a Corona, the character you play who has turned 14 and by the law of kindness is being sent to fight creatures who were once before man walked the earth ruled it from darkness, but when one daylight was shot down on them, they died. However, some of them survived in deep dark caves and waited till this date to strike. You now have the responsibility to fight them and save the world. 

9. The Faery Tale Adventure

The Faery Tale Adventure

The Faery Tale Adventure is a treat for all adventure lovers. This is a long and quite hard game to play cause of its long and sometimes frustrating puzzles. This game is a perfect example of a super long but equally entertaining RPG.

You have no other choice but to attain the prophecy because the talisman is lost, and Holms’ land is threatened by evil. You have to defeat the Evil Necromancer by completing eight challenging quests.

10. Syndicate



This is a game with intense graphics and violence. You have to play with aggression, and blood will be spelt. Your agent uses drugs to keep sane. Do I need to say more about Syndicate?

The game takes place in 2096, where the world is not split into different regions, and each of them is controlled by different corps. You are going to fight for world dominance and take over other corps. Also, you discover that the rival Syndicate is developing a new and dangerous virus, and you have to stop them before they attack your Syndicate with it.


This was my list of some of the most memorable and best Sega Genesis RPGs. Though there are many more titles that you should try out in the RPG genre, these are hand-curated and will give you the overall best RPG experience of Sega Genesis consoles.

You may agree or disagree with the list, and I understand, maybe your favorite title is not on the list, but I tried my best to mention the one I considered mentioning. Still, if you want to say something or any suggestion for the list, we would love to know your thoughts.


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