PS4 Jailbreak | Should You Do It | Pros & Cons – 2022

Should You Jailbreak Your PS4? How to Jailbrak Your Playstation 4?

Are you wondering what is PS4 Jailbreak and it will befit you? PS4 Jailbreak is one of the blackhat processes to gain access to inaccessible parts of the system. This way, you can access functions, software and easily customize which you were not able to.

PS4 jailbreak is mostly used to break the software to gain access to paid games for free. You can also play PS2, PS1 games on your jailbroken Playstation 4. There are several other advantages of jailbreak, but you need to look at the disadvantages of jailbreaking PS4.

Every gaming console is made of software and hardware which work together to provide you with the best gaming experience. Playstation runs on Orbis OS & Xbox no doubt uses Windows as its OS. These gaming consoles have only been built to provide entertainment, be it gaming or streaming.

There is no other task that can be done on these systems.

But, today we are specifically going to talk about PS4 Jailbreak, so let’s start –

What Is PS4 Jailbreak?

ps4 jailbreak

Playstation 4 Jailbreak is the process by which PS4 can pass through some functionalities that were unavailable before. When you have jailbroken your PS4, you can download paid games for free, get personal themes and mods.

Jailbreak is how you hack into the system software and make changes that can give you full access to the console.

You can customize the way your PS4 looks by mods that are currently available.

If you have PS4 jailbreak, you can download any PS4 games from the store for free. You don’t have to pay for the AAA games that cost $59.

But, if you are jailbreaking your PS4, please keep in mind that you will void your warranty. Jailbreaking your PS4 is illegal cause you will be accessing games without getting the rights to play.

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How To Jailbreak PS4?

Jailbreaking your PS4 can be easy and hard or can even brick your PS4 permanently. Currently, PS4 running version 6.72 & below support jailbreak.

Few jailbreaks can be done by browser injection, which is a lot easier and can be done even by a person who is not technically advanced.

If you have upgraded your Playstation 4 to the latest version or above V6.72, then there is no way you can downgrade your system software. There two ways you can jailbreak PS4 –

  1. There are numerous Jailbreak guides on the internet that you can follow. Every version below 6.72 has a different way you can jailbreak to check the guide and follow it.
  2. The second and safe option for you is to visit an aftermarket seller who mod this PS4. They can also provide you will free games installed on the hard drive.

Pro’s & Con’s Of PS4 Jailbreak

There are many advantages of jailbreaking a PS4, and it might even save you money. Imagine you bought a PS4 and you have to buy every game. Sometimes you would have spent more on games in comparison to the PS4 itself.

But, there are very con’s of jailbreaking your PS4 which could make you think before taking the step

Pro's & Con's Of PS4 Jailbreak


  • Download Paid Games For Free
  • Ability To Play PS1, PS2, PS3 Games
  • Mod Games
  • Better Looking Themes & Custom UI


  • Void’s Warranty
  • No Online Multiplayer
  • No access to Party Chat and Voice
  • Will Get Banned If Accessed Playstation Network Online


Well if you ask me you can Jailbreak PS4 if your Playstation is out of warranty, this way you have already have spent more time your PS4. You can have a chance of playing the games you have not.

Jailbreak is mostly preferred by casual gamers who want to pay for the system and enjoy single-player campaigns. Sony has already been patching up the system software to protect its system, but the communities always find an exploit to take advantage of.

Jailbreak is easier when the console is newly launched as there will be many bugs. So, we might also assume that the jailbreak community might as well find PS5 jailbreak.

If you’ve got any doubt or questions, be sure to drop them in the comments.


Soham is one of the best Call Of Duty player within Detective Gaming Team. Part time freelancer and spends all his days on twitter. But you can usually find him playing on his Playstation 4 Pro.

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  1. Little bit of misinformation, the act of “jailbreaking”/ modding your ps4 is not illegal. Where as downloading games you don’t have a license to is illegal . Per (Title 17, United States Code, Sections 501 and 506).

    I regularly back my games up, old and new and ive had to fight my ISP about a few copies I had made. Per 17 USC 117 Making of Additional Copy or Adaptation by Owner of Copy.— Notwithstanding the provisions of section 106, it is not an infringement for the owner of a copy of a computer program to make or authorize the making of another copy or adaptation of that computer program provided. even further stated, that such new copy or adaptation is for archival purposes only and that all archival copies are destroyed in the event that continued possession of the computer program should cease to be rightful.

    That also brings into question, how the software has be altered. If it has been, its not legal to distribute but its legal to have. The act of downloading someone else’s adaptation, or altered software is still illegal because the crime was committed when it was downloaded/transferred

    Now off of that tangent, where the us stands on “jailbreaking” software in relation to video game consoles. There is int any legislature saying its illegal or legal, but what we do have is the precedent from June 11 2010, from interactions between the EEF, and Apple that made the basis that “Jailbreaking” is legal, because it the device in question hasnt broken the Copyright infringement laws. Therefore federal regulators have no obligation to assist Apple in protecting a “restrictive business model” The prohibition in Section1201(b) extends only to devices that circumvent copy control measures. The decision not to prohibit the conduct of circumventing copy controls was made, in part, because it would penalize some noninfringing conduct such as fair use. So update your article, and use facts instead of general assumptions.

  2. No its not. Its technical, lets say you have a PS1 FF7 game/disk, you download it on an emulator. Its not illigal because you have the data of FF7. Where as if youve never owned FF7 or own a disk, or bought it downloaded, you are actually stealing since you dont have the rights to the game. Once you buy the data/disk you can do what ever you want with it technically, so long as your not distributing for money.

    Thats why rom sites are a toughy. Nintendo doesnt sell GBA games, but people still download old GBA ges for free. Now technically this is wrong, but because they dont sell them and make 0 cash from them giving out roms of those games do 0 harm compared to more recent games. In 1 or 2 Gens they are gonna give 0 fucks about the ps4 and ps4 games like they do now with the ps3.

    Basically why waste time on a dead console. So long as no one is selling the copies they arent goin to crack down on it hard.

    Its not illegal but not fully legal either. Timeing and circumstance is whats important.

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