Best PowerA Xbox controller under $100 – 2021

Who doesn’t love to play games on Xbox? Streaming your all-time favorites is bliss. To explore the fullest experience of your gaming time, a controller plays an important role. Possibly, gaming on Xbox is not ideally possible without a controller. We all get a default controller with our pack of Xbox, but how many of us love to use that one?

Let me tell you that you have an option to switch to another controller and unleash the experience of gaming to the core. Yes, this is possible with the amazing collection of controllers from PowerA. PowerA brand is the first one that comes to mind in most gamers because it is a fairly well-known brand with good recognition.

PowerA is famous for its gaming accessories. They understand that gaming has its own space for a person, and they respect this. They aim to provide gamers with a lifelong memorable experience who can’t afford to go for premium accessories and spend triple-digit money on them.

3 Of The Best PowerA Xbox controller

Here is a list of the best hand-picked controllers for Xbox. Let get into the space of gaming:

1. PowerA Fusion Pro Wired Controller for Xbox One

PowerA Fusion Pro Xbox One Controller

PowerA Fusion Pro is a wired controller that is famous in the budget of third party controller market. It does everything you can expect from a controller double the price to do and does it amazingly. They look up to providing a gaming experience that everyone wants.

They try to provide the same experience as an original Xbox controller (default from the box) with rounded corners. Unlike other trendy designs that come with sharp edges and a sleek look. They use soft matte plastic material for the faceplate, making it very comfortable to hold in hands for long gaming sessions.

Buttons are easily placed to reach the bumpers easily. It has three adjustable settings to adjust the draw distance of the trigger that comes with a curve.

Paddles are of perfect sensitivity where they will catch all of our movement but won’t work with very light accidental touches. The controller is very comfortable with a solid build and rubberized grip.


  • Easily Customisable.
  • Better Sensitivity.
  • No accidental inputs.
  • Unique and elegant design with a sleek feel to it.


  • Not Wireless Controller.
  • Paddles can be removed during gameplay easily, and no alternative directional pads are available.

2. PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller for Xbox

PowerA Enhanced Wired Xbox Controller

There are minor changes that of the Xbox default one and this version of the PowerA controller. It is available in 5+ different colors.

The Ergonomic design is similar to Microsoft’s Xbox controller, but the button’s size is a bit smaller in this comparatively. It got two additional gaming buttons on the back of the controller’s grip and can be mapped through any control. So you can get a little more flexibility during your gameplay. The design is pretty sleek, and if you like minimal design, then PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller will surely impress you.


  • It has a very responsive set of perfectly sensitive controls.
  • It is a budget controller, and at this price, the segment offers the best in the class controller for all gaming needs.
  • Excellent plastic body with a premium feels on touch. It is a durable product with amazing build quality.


  • It is not wireless, which can cause a bit of an issue if your console is far away and you like to play from a distance.
  • As stated earlier, buttons and direction pads are a bit smaller than the original Xbox controller.

3. PowerA Spectra Enhanced Illuminated Wired Controller

PowerA Spectra Xbox Controller

This is the perfect match for your budget pricing. It has a nice design and weighs as light as a feather. It feels great using all the gaming experience. PowerA Spectra is an official Xbox license product.

LEDs on the controller can be customized up to 7 different colors and two extra programmable buttons that sit on the back of the controller just in the right place for your grip to make it comfortable to use them. You will find a 3-way trigger lock on this controller but don’t expect a lot from them. They are not going to feel so different. I don’t understand, but there is very little noticeable difference between different trigger locks; they all feel the same.


  • Being very similar to the original Xbox controllers, PowerA Spectra feels nice on buttons and texture of joysticks.
  • The lightning is eye-catching, and you will surely love it if you are an RGB person due to the customizable 7 colors option.
  • Pricing is a huge factor here; this is just a 40$ controller that gives features that hardly any controller in this range can.


  • No wireless support is given.
  • A trigger lock isn’t a good one and won’t give you the difference when switching to different locks.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Pros of Using Third-Party Controller

Huge Variety: Offers a wide range of choices that include thousands of options if controllers have their own features and designs. This opens up the possibility of trying out the different controllers and seeing which one fits you better rather than just opting for the default one.

Extra Features: With various new controllers comes new features. Third-party controller often contains additional buttons for player control profiles, sensitivity, additional functions, additional inputs, and adjustable triggers. That is very handy for gamers since it saves time and can directly access these settings from your controller.

2. Cons of using Third-Party Controller

Hard to Setup: Sometimes, the controller setting might not be as straightforward as your default controller has. Compatibility issues often create a problem, and you can very well run into driver settings and stuff when adding a new controller to your console.

Connectivity Issues: Many third-party controllers suffer from poor syncing since they are not made specifically for the device, and syncing or connectivity issues are common in third-party controllers.


These were the 3 main Xbox controllers from one of the most popular gaming accessories brands out there. With Fusion being the choice, if your budget is high and running on a tight budget, you might want to go for Spectre if the switch locks won’t affect you. If they do, PowerA enhanced is going to be the right choice for you.

These are bang-for-buck products, and you will have a smooth gaming experience with them. Something that can’t be said for the other controllers in this price range.

If you are using an original controller that comes with the Xbox you can look at our article on the best Xbox rechargeable battery.

In case we missed anything or want to add any extra points or suggestions, feel free to comment, and we will be more than happy to help.


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