Playstation 5 Price

Sony Playstation 5 – Release Date, Price & Launch Titles

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Sony just revealed the PlayStation 5 price, release date, and its launch date with more details on launch titles.

Playstation 5 will cost $499 for Disk Edition & $399 for Digital Edition of the console.


playstation 5 price

Playstation 5 will be available on November 12th 2020 for major countries like US, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Mexico. For the rest of the world, the launch would be on November 19th and would also depend on shipments and imports.

With preorder’s beginning on September 17th, which would be tomorrow.

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With more details on Launch tiles – Sony unveiled more information about PlayStation Exclusives games now which will be known by PlayStation Studios.

Sony started their Playstation 5 Showcase with brand new gameplay of Spider-Man Miles Morales.

With one of the most significant announcements being that God Of War Sequel is coming next year. This game would be based on Ragnarok. 

We also got the new Demon’s Soul gameplay, and it looks gorgeous. Japan Studio has put a lot of development behind remaking the original Demon’s soul game that had earlier launched in 2009.

Other games that have been shown were –

WB’s take on a game that would help the people know more about Hogward in the year early 1800’s. It looks like we are getting more of Wizarding World.

Call Of Duty Black Ops: Cold War is getting Playstation 4 exclusive early free access to multiplayer from September 18th to September 20th. Also, there was brand new gameplay showing out the glimpse of the first few hours into the game.

Capcom’s Devil May Cry 5 is coming to PS5 as a special edition with enhanced graphics, ray-tracing & performance mode. You will be able to grab DMC 5 at launch digitally. There is no sign of PS 5 Disk version yet.

Games That Are Coming To Playstation 5 

Spider-Man Miles Morales – At Launch

WB’s Hogwarts Legacy – 2021

Demon’s Soul – At Launch

God Of War – Ragnarok Is Coming – 2021

Fortnite For PS5  – At Launch

VILLAGE – Residental Evil – 2021

Death loop – Q2 2021

Call Of Duty Black Ops – Cold War – At Launch

Oddworld Soulstorm

Five Night’s At Freddy’s – TBD

Destruction AllStars – Free For PS Plus Subscriber FEB 2021

Let us know what you think about the latest announcements by Sony.

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