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Everything You Need To Know About PS5 Trademark Issue In India

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As the world gets ready for the PS5 launch this holiday season, Sony India has yet to announce the release date for India. As we had earlier informed our reader that the PS5 trademark is not currently held by Sony but is filed by a Delhi person named Hitesh Aswani.

We also uncovered that Hitesh Aswani did not only file trademarks for PS5 but also for Xbox Series X & Dualsense.

As of now, Hitesh Aswani has withdrawn both trademark applications for PS5 & Dualsense.

Bit of History, Hitesh Aswani had filed for PS5 on 29/10/2019 & filed again for the Dualsense trademark on 9/04/2020. Both of the trademark applications have been withdrawn as of now.

Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. which manufactures Playstation (Gaming Console) which holds many trademarks globally did not register the PS5 trademark, this gave the secondary person an opportunity to file for those trademarks. These trademarks were registered only after Sony had revealed the official names of their next-generation gaming console.

The global release date for these gaming consoles were set for 12 Nov 2020 for select countries & November 19th for a global launch. Sony not being the PS5 trademark holder in India, Playstation 5 release date has not been released.

But, Sony did announce official pricing for PS5  that would be INR 49,999/- & 39,999/- for Disk Version & Digital Version respectively. But, the pre-order date was not announced.

The official pricing for PS5 only came after the PS5 trademark application was withdrawn by Hitesh Aswani.

The current status for the PS5 trademark remains – Advertised Before Acceptance.

Advertised Before Acceptance does not mean that Sony has successfully acquired the PS5 trademark but could acquire the trademark if there are no objections by the third party for the next 3-4 months. If there aren’t any oppositions Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. would successfully hold the PS5 trademark in India.

When Will PS5 Release In India?

ps5 india

Basically, we don’t know, there is no official word from Sony rather than just pricing. But, we can look for two important dates – the 19th of November, if PS5 comes to India.

But we think that’s hardly possible as there were no pre-orders like Xbox Series X|S.

But might come directly online without any intimation.

Else we can hope for an official announcement only after Sony has acquired the PS5 trademark in India.

But, Sony can release PS5 in India even before holding a trademark if they are sure enough to receive the trademark in near future.

Here is a full list of status –

Applicant Name Wordmark /Trademark Application No. Registration Date Status
Hitesh Aswani PS5 4332863 29/10/2019 Withdrawn
Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. PS5 4431871 06/02/2020 Advertised bef acc
Hitesh Aswani DUALSENSE 4486986 09/04/2020 Withdrawn
Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. DUALSENSE 4576273 30/04/2020 Objected
HITESH ASWANI Xbox Series X 4430512 04/02/2020 Objected

All these trademarks have been filed under class 28.

Here are few tweets from Indian PlayStation Fans –

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