Dell G5 Gaming Desktop Review 2021

Dell G5 Gaming Desktop Computer is renowned for its gaming configuration. With various price ranges and specifications, you can always choose the one that suits you.

Although the Dell G5 Gaming Desktop is well built from the outside, you only require to choose the Processor & the GPU. Every other component of the desktop is matched with the processor and the GPU. So let us look deeper into this Dell G5 Gaming Desktop.

Every year Dell releases an upgraded and latest configured G5 Desktop. With the latest processors and CPU, it gives the gamer the best gaming experience they can have. All the desktops by Dell come with Windows 10 pre-installed, which is really nice.

Today there are various G5 desktop variants you could choose from but let us take a look at the three best –

So, we will divide this G5 Desktop review into –

  1. GPU
  2. Processor
  3. Design
  4. RAM
  5. Motherboard
  6. Storage
  7. Operating System

But before we look into the review, we choose the three best Dell Desktop that you can choose from. The three Dell G5 Gaming Desktop range from $1150 to $1400.There is not much price difference, but you would even prefer the budget version for mediocre use.

Here is a small description of which one you should choose –

Name Description
Budget Dell G5 Gaming Desktop The budget gaming would fit for mediocre gaming and would also play AAA games at medium settings.
Flagship Dell G5 Gaming Desktop The Flagship desktop is the most recommended, playing all the new AAA games at high frame rates. The desktop will also support ray tracing.
Prime Dell G5 Gaming Desktop The prime desktop is for the one who wants to play games at high setting but does not care about ray tracing.

Best Dell G5 Gaming Desktop

Budget Pick

Budget Dell G5 Gaming Desktop

  • Intel Core i5-10400F
  • NVIDIA GTX 1660 Super
  • 16GB DDR4
Ultimate Pick

Flagship Dell G5 Gaming Desktop


  • Intel Octa-Core i7-10700F
  • NVIDIA RTX 2060
  • 16GB DDR4
Best Pick

Prime Dell G5 Gaming Desktop


  • Intel Octa-Core i7-10700F
  • NVIDIA GTX 1660 Super
  • 16GB DDR4

1. Graphics Card

Dell G5 Gaming Desktop

While choosing the Dell Desktop, you could see many GPU options you can choose from. From GTX 1650 to RTX 2060. The flagship Dell G5 Gaming Desktop has RTX 2060 graphics card.

RTX 2060 was launched in 2019 and one of the first graphics that would support real-time raytracing. The graphics card has 6GB GDDR6 Memory with 1920 CUDA Cores. The base clock and the boost clock are 1365 MHz & 1680 MHz, respectively.

There is also RTX 2060 Super, which sadly is not available in any of the Dell G5 Gaming Desktops.

The graphics card is built on Nvidia’s Turing architecture, which is power efficient and a performance boost. You can play all the games on this system, from GTA V to Cyberpunk 2077, without a hick.

2. Processor

The Dell G5 Desktop has included the latest Intel Processors in these systems. The flagship build has an i7 10700F processor, which is based clocked at 2.9 GHz. At the high peaks, the processor can do the boost clock of 4.8 GHz.

As i7 10700F is 8 core CPU, it can do 16 threads at a time. The processor also has 16MB of smart cache. The processor will play a major role if you are into programming or rendering. It will work also work with RTX 2060 to provide the best performance you could imagine.

3. RAM

The desktop supports DDR4 RAM, and Dell has included 2933 MHz RAM.  There is various RAM storage option like 8GB, 16GB & 32Gb from which you can choose from.

We recommend you choose a 16GB variant as it mostly a minimum requirement for new games. This would also benefit you for multitasking and multi-tab browsing on your PC.

32GB could be an awesome choice buy you can always upgrade your RAM late. We have also written an article on the best RAM for i7 Processor.

4. Storage Options

You get both SSD & HDD option on the flagship desktop. But you can choose the storage size that you want. SSD storage option starts from 256GB to 1TB. SSD would be the ultimate storage for gaming and faster loading speed.

There is also an HDD that you can use to store your other files. There is only 1 available TB HDD. You can also upgrade the storage with the M.2 slot that is available on the motherboard.

5. Design

Dell G5 Gaming Deskop Design

The design is very simplistic & comes in a black aluminum case. The left-hand side of the case is transparent but does not come as a side door. The transparent side gives an internal look of all the PC components & with the RGB LED, you can make the desktop look modern.

The LED lighting can be customized through the software that comes on the desktop. The design can be a little simplistic but not bad.

The design provides an ample amount of space to fit in any new GPU that you would like to upgrade in the future. There is also one 3.5″ storage bay and two 2.5″ storage bay, so you can easily fit one SSD & an extra two HDD.

The only con of the case is that it comes only with a single 80mm rear fan for ventilation. So, you would have to buy extra fans for proper cooling.

6. Motherboard

Dell G5 Series

The motherboard is an ATX motherboard. Other than DDR4 & Intel Processors’ support, the motherboard provides Wi-Fi connectivity (802.11ac 1×1) & Bluetooth.

The motherboard has a CPU cooler fan with a radiator.

7. Operating System

Last but least, there is the operating system. The Dell G5 Series Desktop comes will Windows 10 pre-installed. It has become a norm for PC assemblers and laptop manufacturers to give Windows pre-installed.

Windows 10 also comes with Alienware Control Panel with which you can control the fans and the lighting. You can easily boost the airflow of the CPU by increasing the speed of the fans.

8. PSU

The power supply unit of the CPU is  550W OEM Proprietary Power Supply. No doubt it would suffice all the hardware components, but you would not change the PSU. If you have to upgrade the PSU in the future, you would have to upgrade the motherboard.

That is the biggest disadvantage of PSU on this desktop. But, you would be able to replace the PSU with the original PSU from Dell. But make sure you don’t use any third-party PSU.


The gaming performance of the desktop is the real deal. You would be able to run games at the ultra settings. Now that most of the games support 4K resolution, good luck playing gears of war or The Witcher 3 with Vsync On.

There are no notable hiccups while playing games, and the desktop would last you for 3 years. Then you can upgrade your CPU & GPU. But while upgrading the PC, make sure you are not overusing Power Watt.

Dell G5 Gaming Desktop

Price & Performance - 8.3


Excellent Build For The First Timers

Dell G5 Series has got its reputation since earlier. Today we could see that Dell G5 Gaming Desktop has embarrassed newer gaming configuration. This 10th Gen Intel CPU is all you want.

User Rating: 2.53 ( 2 votes)


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