5 Best GPU For 1440p Gaming In 2021

Gaming at 1080p resolution has become absolute for the PC gaming community, and 8K gaming has just arrived with the newer RTX 3090 GPU. But, we are not going to talk about 8K or 4K. We are solely going to talk about GPU’s & 1440p gaming.

You can buy several GPU for 1440p gaming, but choosing the best one can be hard. We will look at the pro & cons of the GPU, also considering their functionalities. Recently both AMD & Nvidia have launched their newer GPU, which is a lot powerful than their last year’s GPU.

Here is what we will be looking at when choosing the best GPU for 1440p gaming at 144Hz. Most of the games we would be testing would be AAA titles, including Battle Royale games such as Fortnite & Warzone.

Best GPU For 1440p Gaming At 144Hz


Image Product Feature Price
Top Pick

RTX 3070


RTX 3070 based on Nvidia Ampere Architecture & has improved RT cores for better ray tracing. Check On Amazon

RTX 3060Ti


RTX 3060 Ti is the budget and the most optimum 30 series Nvidia graphics card. Check On Amazon

RTX 2060 Super


RTX 2060 is the budget & entry-level graphics card for ray tracing on an Nvidia Card. Check On Amazon

AMD RX 6800


AMD RX 6800 is the entry-level AMD 6000 series graphics card with 16GB GDDR6 Memory & is ray tracing enabled. Check On Amazon

GTX 1660 Super


Released in 2019, GTX 1660 can be the best budget Esport GPU for 1440p resolution. Check On Amazon

1. Nvidia RTX 3070

RTX 3070

This Nvidia GPU launched in 2020 would be one of the finest editions to your gaming PC. It will not only enable you to play games at 1440p resolution but also in 4K. This GPU has been built on Ampere Microarchitecture, which is Nvidia’s 2nd Gen of RTX architecture.

The GPU can handle medium to high-end gaming easily. Not on that, you will be able to enjoy the games with ray tracing. RTX 3070 would be an excellent graphics card for 1440p resolution & would easily be compatible with a 144hz display.

RTX 3070 has 5888 CUDA Cores with the base & max clock of 1.5GHz & 1.7GHz, respectively. GPU has 8GB of GDDR6 memory, which is the latest memory type that has been used in every new graphics card launch.

With DLSS, you will be able to achieve higher FPS while playing AAA or competitive games. It has been observed that DLSS improves the fps by at least 30%.

Although RTX 3070 costs a tonne, all the upcoming AAA titles would be recommended as the minimum requirement for ray tracing enabled gaming.

2. RTX 3060Ti

RTX 3060Ti

Nvidia quietly launched RTX 3060Ti to take on AMD’s Radeon 6800, a budget next-generation GPU. RTX 3060Ti costs lower than RX 6800 and has a significant advantage over the RX 6800.

With 8GB GDDR6 memory, it can handle 1440p gaming significantly well. It might run 4K games but at limited visual quality.

There is not much difference between RTX 3070 & RTX 3060ti, and it just has to do with the CUDA cores & their clock speeds. RTX 3060ti has 4864 CUDA cores with a base clock speed of 1.41GHz & 1.67GHz of boost clock speed.

You’ll happily be able to achieve 120 fps on this GPU. 3060 Ti will go a long way if you hold on to this GPU. Extreme gaming, video editing, graphic-intensive tasks would be handled considerably well.

Another advantage you have would be ray tracing & DLSS. Using ray-tracing outputs lesser frames as it enables graphics-intensive tasks of shadow, reflections & lighting. But, DLSS improves the frames with the help of Nvidia’s AI.

3.  RTX 2060 Super

RTX 2060 Super

RTX 2060 Super was launched in 2019. There are two versions RTX 2060 & RTX 2060 Super. Make sure that you get RTX 2060 Super.

RTX 2060 Super has 2176 CUDA core & 8GB GDDR6 Memory, which is more than the normal version (1920 Cores & 6GB GDDR6). The GDDR6 memory speed has also bumped up to 448 GB/s.

Nvidia introduced ray tracing with RTX 20 series. RTX symbols the use of ray tracing. RTX 2060 is the best budget ray-tracing graphics card for a 1440p resolution display.

After the launch of the RTX 30 series, the RTX 2060 super price has been reduced.

4. AMD Radeon 6800

AMD RX 6800

AMD launched their 6000 Series graphics card in 2020 built on big Navi & RDNA 2 architecture. It is one of the most energy-efficient graphics cards built by AMD.

Rx 6800 is the entry-level 6000 Series graphics card that is priced at $579 at launch.

Every RX 6000 series GPU has  16GB of GDDR6 memory & 128MB of Infinity Cache. Rx 6800 with compute units  60 ray accelerators will perform a phenomenon for many AAA games.

For AMD, RX 6800 is their entry-level graphics card for ray tracing. Max memory clock of the GPU remains at 1815 MHz.

If you consider this card for competitive games like Fortnite, Call of Duty, Overwatch, etc., you should absolutely go for it. For, e.g., Fortnite performs up to 156 fps on 1440p resolution.

Enjoy the screen tear-free experience with AMD FreeSync & no input lag with Radeon Anti Lag.

But another way you could enjoy gaming would be by AMD boost. This would slightly overclock your GPU to provide an extra memory boost at times.

5. GTX 1660 Super

GTX 1660 Super

In the end, we come to GTX 1660 Super, which would be our best budget 1440p graphics card to buy. GTX 1660 Super was a significant upgrade to GTX 1660, which had GDDR5 memory.

GTX 1660 Super launched in October of 2019 and did not make it an older GPU to buy. With GTX 1660 Super, you would enjoy most of the AAA games, but ultra settings would be played at low fps.

I would advise you to play games at medium setting on 1440p resolutions. Export games would have no problem with GTX 1660 Super. I have tried playing Fortnite on 1440p resolution & streaming simultaneously; I received about 70-80 fps.

Nvidia’s Turing Architecture powers GTX 1660 Super with 1408 CUDA cores & 6GB GDDR6 memory. The Max clock speed of the GPU is 1845Mhz.


There are several GPU options you can go with, but GTX 1660 Super would be the last graphics card you should choose for 1440p gaming. Reason being the upcoming and the current AAA.

For, e.g., Cyberpunk 2077 is a heavy game that focuses on graphics & ray tracing. If you want to get the most out of CP2077, then RTX 3070 or RTX 3080 is the way to go. But I’ve tried playing it on RTX 2060 Super & it plays exceptionally well on 1440p resolution.


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