BENGOO G9000 Stereo Gaming Headset Review – 2021

We all have a gamer in us, and through one device or other, we all love to play games.

Sometimes we want to play games without burning a hole in our pocket or can’t afford an expensive gaming headset. I get it, and this happens with all of us.

But this reason alone can’t let the gamer in you go away, and luckily there are companies like BENGOO that provide affordable headset at a price that almost all of us can afford.

The thing is, as we know, with most of the affordable products, all we hear are promises, but they rarely deliver on them. That’s why we need to figure out if BENGOO G9000 is worth enough for your gaming setup, and it is a good fit for your needs and preferences.

A quick look at some pros and cons of BENGOO G9000 gaming headsets:


  • Mainstream design with sharp and point edges. This will give a premium look to the headset.
  • Average audio quality with 40mm drivers that deliver clear and a little base heavy sound.
  • Inbuilt volume control buttons for ease of use with blue LEDs that can’t be customized by you.
  • Provides a wide audio spectrum on a stereo plane that allows you to hear slow noises such as footsteps and long-distance gun-shots in games.
  • The 49-inch long cable will give you enough room to jump around and move without worrying about your ears being pulled. This can work great if your setup is wide and needs a long cable to reach its ports.


  • Sensitivity for the microphone is too high and can sometimes give you little extra details and echo that will annoy your teammates for sure. This will make it hard for you to give feedback using this, and in noisy environments, this headset is a big no.
  • Ear cushions are a little small, so if your ears size is a little big or small than average, then you’ll experience some discomfort that won’t allow you to go for long hours of gaming sessions in one go.
  • If you want to hear the audio and use the microphone simultaneously on a PC, you might need to invest in a splitter since the headsets do not work via USB on a PC.

With all being said, let’s take a deep look at different aspects of this headset to determine if it is the right match for you or not.

BENGOO G9000 Review

Throughout the review, I never expected a vast array of features and quality from BENGOO G9000, and with the price point of 25$, it does compromise with things that may not be easy to forgive for most gamers who are looking to buy a headset in this price range. Plus, the brand is not very well known in the market.

Though you still get a solid pair of headsets for your daily gaming requirements.

You won’t be getting an immersive experience with these, so don’t expect that still, you will get an acceptable sound quality that would suit you well in your gaming sessions.

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1. Comfort

Bengoo G9000 Comfort

These gaming headphones are lightweight and comfortable to use due to their soft cushions and smooth head straps.

But the ear holes are a little small, so if your ear is bigger than an average ear, it might not fit and can cause a lot of discomforts, so you might want to avoid purchasing it in that case.

These are comfortable to wear with soft pair of earcups that won’t feel foreign to your ears. Though the design is not built for long gaming sessions and in time, the sweat will come down on-ear cups and will irritate, so it might not be a go if you want to play games for hours in one go. The headbands are well-cushioned, too, for some added comforts.

2. Sound Quality

Bengoo G9000 Drivers

Don’t expect a premium quality sound from this headset, but it does give you an acceptable sound quality in this price range, which is more than what you can ask for.

If you are a normal gamer, you will love the sound. With a little extra bass-heavy, it will give you a good real-life feel in those gunfights.

The Sound quality is decent with 40nm drivers that don’t disappoint with its a little heavy bass that would be on the end-user to like or not. Maybe you are a fan of that little extra bass, and if that’s the case, then you will surely like it.

Immersive stereo sound will give you a good sound of details such as footsteps in your games.

3. Noise Cancellation & Microphone

Bengoo G9000 microphone

It has a flip-mic and is not detachable from the headset. The sound of the mic is pretty decent and is clear to the other person that is listening.

Due to its insane sensitivity, sometimes voice can go a bit distorted to the other side if spoked a bit too loud, though it also has a plus side that even your lowest voice will be picked up so you won’t have to keep yelling at your teammates to revive you all the time.

This headphone does not have an active noise cancellation but does provide a little bit of noise cancellation due to being over the ear and too loud in sound that sometimes blocks the outside sound.

Though don’t expect an immersive noise-canceled experience from this headset at all.

4. Design & Build Quality

With large blue LEDs on the side and a slick, sharp, and edgy design, you are sure to get a premium look and feel with these headsets. The design is very modern and trendy and won’t make you feel like using a cheap headset at all.

It has a rather solid build quality with a hard plastic body that won’t break anytime soon. Along with soft ear cushions and head strap, the build quality is above average for a product of this price range.

5. Cable

The cord that comes with it is extra-long and is made for large setups in mind. No matter what the size of your setup is, with a 49-inch cable, you can be sure that there is no way this cord won’t be able to cover those extra-large cables.

The wire or cable is braided which is more durable than any regular cable.

6. Compatibility

Bengoo G9000 supports every platform and output device that has 3.5mm jack.

This headset is compatible with many devices such as Xbox, PS4, PC, and Mac. It can very well work with other devices that support headphones too.

7. Price

Today you can easily find this gaming head

In this segment, this headset is a clear winner for me. The price range it holds is far lower than average, but the features it holds does not. You can hardly find any other headset in this price range, giving you more quality and features than BENGOO G9000 headsets.


Bengoo G9000 Specs

With all this said, I can say that this is a great piece of the headset in this price segment with its own downsides that were well expected in this price range.

Though there are downsides, the BENGOO G9000 gaming headsets have not disappointed me with their comfort & shiny design, and decent quality audio that is very well necessary for a gaming headset.

If you want to start your gaming journey and are on a low budget, I would definitely recommend purchasing this headset without giving many thoughts cause you won’t be getting a better deal in this price range anytime soon.

If I missed any points or want to add something extra about the headsets, feel free to comment and tell. We always love to listen and answer your queries as well as your suggestions.

The only other alternative to G9000 is Runmus K8 Gaming Headset.


Soham is one of the best Call Of Duty player within Detective Gaming Team. Part time freelancer and spends all his days on twitter. But you can usually find him playing on his Playstation 4 Pro.

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